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Obama, Israel, and the Politics of Narcissism

Obama takes negotiations to the public stage, asking Israel to dig out the old military maps, withdraw to the Auschwitz armistice lines, and agree to yield land as a pre-condition for negotiations with a new Palestinian entity dominated by Hamas, which advocates Israel’s destruction and which publicly mourned the death of Osama bin Laden.

But throwing Israel under the bus soon proved a political liability. The next day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a joint press conference, was scolding Obama over taking a position that every other administration had seen as the conceivable end of negotiations between the parties, not a starting point sculpted in granite by the American president. Obama had embraced the Palestinian position without asking anything from them.

The president quickly realized he had blundered. Speaking two days later to the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the president tried to reaffirm his support of Israel and showed that his ability to zigzag was not reserved to the basketball court. No, he does not expect Israel to withdraw to the 67 “boundaries,” a statement that should have dismayed anyone who heard Thursday’s speech. And he did not expect Israel to negotiate with Hamas, a statement that should have raised eyebrows.

Absent from the president’s attempt to smooth things over with the Jewish community was the statement he had made at the 2008 AIPAC meeting about the indivisibility of Jerusalem. This prompted veteran foreign affairs expert Elliot Abrams to observe that the Obama State Department seemed not to know what country the Israeli Knesset or the Western Wall of the temple was in, since they refer to diplomatic visits to Israel and Jerusalem, as if Jerusalem were something else.

Commenting on Obama’s naiveté, Israeli MP Danny Danon noted, “Israel will not pay [Obama’s] private tuition as he tries to understand the essence of the conflict.”

Of course, the conflict between Arabs and Israelis is not about lines on a map and the status of Jerusalem. It is about the existence of a Jewish entity in the middle of land Muslims consider sacred. Arab violence in the form of pogroms, rape, arson, and murder existed long before the Jewish state, let alone the settlements. Israel left Gaza. It was a major test case of yielding land for peace that resulted in yielding land for death in the form of rockets, missiles, and mortars.

Obama took office and quickly betrayed the Czechoslovaks and the Poles. He is a man who feels guilty about the pursuit of American national interests, who acts as if the dismal state of the Arab and Islamic world is our fault and not theirs. He cannot tell friend from foe. His betrayal of Israel is first and foremost a betrayal of America, a refusal to adhere to  George W. Bush’s agreements on Jerusalem in exchange for the Gaza withdrawal. What confidence can nations have now in the continuity of American policy?

Our concern should not be for Israel but for ourselves. We have elected a narcissist, naive and incapable, mesmerized by his own words echoing from the teleprompter, who is squandering our strategic interests in the Middle East with the same abandon that he squandered our strategic interests in Eastern Europe.