Obama Is a Martian

And now we have the ridiculous spectacle of a literary agency which specifically by its own policy requests authors to supply biographical detail, and made several changes over 17 years to Obama’s biography as he progressed in his career, without ever changing his claim to Kenyan birth, claiming it was a “clerical error.”  That becomes all the more ridiculous when one learns the agency finally made the change in late April of 2007 when Obama was running for the presidential nomination, apparently in response to the latest revise of the bio sent to Obama in early April. Clearly Obama had been directing the changes to his agency biography right along for the previous 17 years. And that is exactly what I would have expected after many years in publishing in which I have never seen a clerical error in an author’s birthplace listing in his publicity material, or ever heard of one.

One can forget the “birthers” and the question of a valid birth certificate issue. We can even forget arguing over what the eligibility clause means and whether it needs to be amended.

We now have a far more serious problem. We have a sitting president of the United States running for reelection who has proven himself a liar in a matter that directly raises the issue of his eligibility for office. People have been sent to jail, or thrown out of the armed forces for questioning it, and now we see they were right.

And it is our own damned fault, not Obama’s.