Obama Goads Boehner to Take Impeachment Entirely Off the Table

Nevertheless, the threat of impeachment ought to hang over the head of every president as a powerful disincentive to act outside his powers. Presidents are not kings; Congress should be able to remove them for lawbreaking. President Obama's recent talk of impeachment, his party fundraising off of the made-up threat, his communications advisers playing that made-up threat for all it's worth, have cornered Boehner. Impeachment no longer hangs over Obama's head. He has taken that piece off the board.

Give the president and his advisers due credit for the chess game that they have just played and won. They have Boehner (and Congress, and the Constitution, by the way) in checkmate and they know it. Not only did they haul in over a million dollars from their gullible supporters by playing up impeachment. They have ensured that no matter who controls the Senate and the House after November, Obama will not face any threat from Congress at all. As much as I admire Sarah Palin, she has to share some blame for bringing impeachment up. She meant well but has played right into Obama's hands on this.

And this all happened when Obama ought to be on the defensive over the spectacular disasters that he is at least partly responsible for, from Russia and Ukraine to Iraq to Libya to Israel all the way to the US-Mexico border.

Barack Obama has set up his final two years in the presidency to be a continuing series of constitutional wars and crises, in which he will never face the most potent constitutional weapon that could be used against him. A national leader who cares about the nation's well-being would recoil from even the possibility of instigating such conflict for the country. But Barack Obama is not and has never intended to be a national leader. He leads his party and those who support him, and the rest of us are mere enemies to be punished.