Obama Embraces 'Gangnam Style' Anti-Americanism

Speaking of Obama, the president did indeed shake hands with the Korean devil. But then, he's used to shaking hands with anti-Americans. I imagine that the president and the fellow who's "a guy who lives in the neighborhood," Bill Ayers, exchanged a handshake or two over the years, if they chanced to meet while walking their dogs or something. And we're pretty sure he shook hands with his black liberation theology preacher, the Reverend Mr. Wright, on occasion. Then there's anti-gun nut and social justice champion Father Pfleger, the racist Reverend Meeks, PLO mouthpiece Rashid Khalidi -- yes, our president is quite at home shaking hands with anti-Americans. That's why it's a mystery why so many are up in arms over what some are calling an "outrage" that the president shook the hand of the portly Korean rapper.

Recognizing and empowering anti-Americans at home and abroad is the president's way of acknowledging that their grievances are legitimate. He may not totally agree with them, but he obviously believes it important that they have a voice and a spotlight.

Next year, President Obama will have the opportunity to embrace another anti-American. Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will make a trip to Washington sometime in 2013, at which time Obama will get a twofer: an anti-American Islamist and genocidal anti-Semite. Morsi's eliminationist rhetoric directed against the west and Israel makes PSY's anti-American rants seem almost like love sonnets. As bad as he is, at least PSY doesn't have a modern army backing up his nauseating statements.

So the kerfuffle over Obama shaking hands with PSY is, at bottom, just one more internet blow-up -- a lot of sound and fury that is much ado about nothing. Perhaps it would have been more surprising if the president had avoided PSY altogether. But I'm wondering what kind of example the president has set for his two young children, who stood close by while Obama thanked PSY for his appearance. PSY has suffered nothing for his callous comments and, in fact, has been rewarded for them by earning a handshake from the leader of the free world. Is this the lesson the president wishes to impart to his offspring?

Being anti-American is hip again.