Obama Cramming for Midterms

At GM, the situation was a mess but people wanted the feds to stay out. An ordinary bankruptcy would have been the best possible solution. Instead, Obama intervened and actually gave a massive chunk of equity to the UAW, which had bankrupted it in the first place. Talk about handing over the keys to the guy who drove the car into the ditch. Even more salient is that unions are a special interest group -- that Obama isn't playing fair, but rather picking and choosing winners and losers based on their Democratic Party ties.

It was the same story with health care. Though the system was widely agreed to be a mess -- there was water on the floor -- Obama and his minions managed to make it even worse. Polls show a majority still opposed to ObamaCare. And the administration has long since stopped using the word "stimulus," which even it realizes is perceived by the public to be an astonishingly opportunistic boondoggle consisting of handouts to pet interest groups. It won't turn the economy around but will add to our debt and tax burden for decades to come.

Obama has only been a Washington politician for five years, most of which have been more about celebrity than governance, and he is proving to be a slow learner. He looks out at a tea party with one core message -- less government -- that has resounded from Massachusetts to Virginia to Florida to New Jersey to, even, California, where superliberal Sen. Barbara Boxer's previously safe seat may be in jeopardy. Even though Obama was not asked to campaign for Sen. Arlen Specter as Specter fought for his political life in the blue state of Pennsylvania, the president continues to believe that his ideas are popular and that the small-government movement isn't actually about small government. It must really be a front for conspiracy theorists or haters.

Obama's fatal flaw is his impregnable certainty that because he believes the economy can and should be directed by the federal government, everyone else must believe this too. "Do some work on behalf of the American people," he says, meaning hire more bureaucrats, spend the country into oblivion, and make more rules. That the average voter thinks that all of this interference with private industry is slowing, rather than speeding, our recovery from the recession doesn't even occur to him.

(Cartoon by Michael Ramirez, Investor's Business Daily.)