Obama Campaign Lies, Fundraises Off Sequestration Threats

President Obama's personal campaign fired off the following email today. It uses a graphic created by the Center for American Progress (Soros-funded leftist outfit) to push for a tax hit on corporate jet owners. The Democrats' own plan doesn't touch corporate jet owners. The email also includes a link to donate your cash to Obama's campaign, so they can continue their push to raise your taxes.

Friend --

Let's put this into perspective. What programs could we help fund by closing the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires? Take a look at this graphic from the Center for American Progress -- then pass it along:

A vast majority of Americans support President Obama's plan to reduce the deficit and help middle class families. More than 325,000 people like you have already added their name to show their support.

Are you with them? Add your name today:



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The graphic, in fact the entire Obama message on sequestration, is a parade of false choices designed to appeal to emotion rather than facts. It has also been a parade of falsehoods, also designed to appeal to emotion, because the Democrats do not have the facts on their side.

So in that spirit, the unsigned Obama campaign email was obviously written by poopy-heads.