Obama and the Amazing Trillion Dollar Dreamcoat

Obama is amazing, a miracle worker in fact. So much so that he has decreed an end to arithmetic. No way can he spend a trillion here and a trillion there without it adding up. But the O administration is not very good at addition. Or subtraction. With all those trillions and trillions, pretty soon you're talking real money.

Where you gonna get the money?

From smoke and mirrors.

Acording to Doug Holtz-Eakin, you claim a two trillion dollar savings on cutting down Afghanistan expenses to $50 billion per year, even though you've just sent another 20,000 troops over there and things are getting pretty freaky in Pakistan, where the Taliban are now within 60 miles of the capital and the pathetic Pakistani military has sent over 2 percent of its whole big army to fight them. Because the Pakistani military is hopelessly penetrated with Islamist radicals, they don't want to win. They want to squeeze the West for blackmail money.

So where are the $50 billion savings going to come from? Do you want the Taliban with Pakistani nukes, even just dirty nukes?

Holz-Eakin also points out that Obama can claim to make oodles of tax money from "cap and trade" on carbon emissions by industry. Cap and trade is of course a scheme for capping and taxing. First you tell people they are only allowed so many car trips and so much you can exhale (produces CO2) per year, but they can trade credits for carbon production by buying carbon credits from your local truck company -- providing they don't run their trucks. The government both limits carbon emissions and taxes you on them, except that India and China are pumping out carbon from all their new smokestack industries, radically increasingly worldwide carbon emissions. But they are not doing this cap and trade stuff since they don't want to torpedo their new-found prosperity.

If all that sounds crazy, well ... duuhhhh.

So those are the supposed sources of income.

How about the expenditure side?

Would you consider a $3.6 trillion dollar federal budget about right? That's about at third of our gross domestic product. Earlier this month we heard about all the painful budget cuts proposed by the president. Like $17 billion worth. Let's see, 3.6 trillion minus 17 billion gives us 3.583 trillion. Now the Democrats hate those "budget cuts" of $17 billion, so they might never happen.

I wonder: Can we get a loan from the Saudis, just to tide us over? Or China? Or my brother-in-law? Or Obama's family in Kenya?