O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Writes Legal Thriller

Throughout the book Clark shows the reader the world of the prosecutor in the Special Trials Unit who “has the ability to go out and investigate a case.  Unlike most prosecutors, those in Special Trials are able the take the case shortly after the cops find the body. We go out to the crime scene; we interview witnesses, and talk about the analysis of evidence. All of that is unique to the Special Trials Unit. In the book there is reality to what happens. I would take my own pictures and go out to every crime scene.  My personal preference was to do as much testing, as much examination, as much investigation as possible.”

The book's exciting plot allows the reader to understand the power of a prosecutor.  They decide whether there is enough evidence to file a case. In the book, everyone wants to put the finger on a gang member for committing rape. Since the book explores the possibility of the gang member’s innocence, did Clark ever have an innocent person convicted?

Absolutely not. I would get rid of the case. I was never forced to, nor would I go to trial against someone I fully and totally believed was not guilty. If I felt the evidence did not show guilty beyond ANY possible doubt, I would never file the case.

Gun enthusiasts should love this book, since Rachel is a gun-toting, concealed-weapons supporter. Although Clark does not carry a gun, she wanted to make the point in the book that

Rachel is self sufficient and self reliant. I wanted her to be able to rescue herself. A woman cannot win in hand-to-hand combat with a man. But if she has a gun she can certainly level the playing field.

Anyone familiar with Los Angeles, California, will appreciate the setting for the plot. Clark is able to write detailed, authentic descriptions, relaying the sights and sounds of the city. She includes landmarks such as Canter’s Restaurant and the Biltmore Hotel to “give the reader the full flavor, sounds, smells, and colors through graphic displays.”

What is next for Marcia Clark? She plans on continuing her ad hoc reviews of criminal appeals (looking for trial errors) and is working on a second book in the Rachel Knight series, Guilt by Degree. It’s another murder mystery, but this victim is a beloved police officer who gets killed.

If her first novel is any indication, this next book should be in the same mold: an insightful, reality-based, entertaining, funny, and riveting novel.