NPR Teabags America

A pretense is made that Republican congressional members like John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, and Eric Cantor were bought by the health care industry via campaign contributions, which implies that no other justification for GOP representatives opposing a ginormous increase in the size of the Leviathan is plausible.

This charge answers itself. Had the cartoonist ever listened to one of his foes, he would intuit that, as a rule, every legitimate Republican opposes state expansion. Furthermore, Democratic Senator Max Baucus received “nearly $1.5 million in 2007 and 2008” from health care industry sources, an amount that far exceeds what was obtained by those GOP members cited.

Moreover, the most blatant case of lobbyist manipulation is that of the trial lawyers. Their massive bankrolling of the Democrats ensured that no caps for medical malpractice made their way into either the House or Senate version of the health care bill. Mr. Fiore failed to notice this eventuality.

Accusations of paranoia are then levied. It seems that those of us who fear bureaucrats coming between ourselves and our doctors are disturbed. Not surprisingly, evidence suggests otherwise.

The Oregon Health Plan is a precursor to Obamacare and, in 2008, its functionaries turned down cancer sufferer Barbara Wagner’s request for doctor-prescribed medication which she hoped would save her life.

Their rejection letter stated, “Treatment of advanced cancer that is meant to prolong life, or change the course of this disease, is not a covered benefit of the Oregon Health Plan.”

Well, there it is. They did charitably offer to finance her suicide, though, thus revealing the disinterested nature and lack of accountability inherent to your average government bureaucrat. Of course, this sort of thing happens all the time in Europe, so worrying about a statist health care takeover is “logical” as opposed to “paranoid.”

The animation closes with a mock recommendation for speaking “teabag, because other languages are just too hard.” Mr. Fiore sincerely seems to believe that anyone with a different opinion is a barbarian, ignoramus, corporate stooge, and/or agent of the Devil.

Here again, the left fabricates and then assassinates. How ironic it is that individuals diametrically opposed to tolerance would disseminate a motto like “respect diversity.” They respect nothing and disrespect those who refuse to parrot every one of their talking points.

While not officially a linguist, I’ll be happy to teach a little TeaPartyish to our enemies. The following questions are often posed by our members:

Why is it that even when home prices drop property taxes continue to rise? Why should those who don’t want health insurance be fined and jailed as a result? If you wish to “stimulate” an economy, why not give the people their money back so they can spend it themselves? And how can we call ourselves a nation if we refuse to secure our own borders?

Note that these queries contain no whining, isms, or hysteria. Our objections to the recent federal mania are rational, concise, and sensible, which is precisely why NPR and its radical associates wish to bury us with invective.

Without straw man and ad hominem fallacies, the left would have nothing with which to defend the malignant emotion that constitutes its political platform.

James Bowman, writing in this month’s issue of the New Criterion, sums up the left’s tactics exquisitely. They “argue not with the merits or otherwise of one’s opponents’ case but with the claim that the opponents themselves are stupid or insane or corrupt and so can have nothing to say of any interest.”

They also fathom that if independents ever gave conservative ideas a fair hearing, they would be finished.

Of secondary importance here is that the video appeared at NPR. This is problematic. Unlike Fox News, NPR is taxpayer-supported and refuses to acknowledge its political slant. Given how far to the left this cartoon is, one has to wonder why the citizenry continues to donate a single cent to those radicals.

The activist station claims to receive only “one to two percent” of its funding from government largesse, but another source estimates that “the federal government’s portion of NPR’s budget is significantly higher than two percent, and the total government expenditure is higher still.”

The advent of the Obama administration bodes well for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which owns NPR and PBS). Washington, D.C.’s new guardians will preserve their grip over public funding come hell or a Republican Congress.

As the unscrupulousness of NPR elucidates, our Democratic leaders produce even more corruption than carbon dioxide. Now that they are in power, whatever benefits their party is paramount and will be prioritized over the nation’s defense or financial solvency.

Last year featured some episodes of unforgettable fraudulency, such as the charade that is ACORN, the proliferation of White House czars, and Anita Dunn’s Mao fetish, but none was more memorable than the political left’s ongoing refusal to accept that many Americans disapprove of its policies for reasons authentic, serious, and legitimate.