NPR Teabags America

Just in case any conservatives continue to question the endemic condescension, bad faith, and elitism pervasive among political leftists, a cartoon recently published by National Public Radio (NPR) will extinguish all doubt. Entitled “Learn to Speak Teabag,” it seeks to delegitimize grassroots opposition to health care and morph the tea party movement into a coterie of individuals who name themselves after a bizarre sex practice. That regressive activists disguised as journalists -- such as Rachel Maddow and Anderson “Cooper Duper” Cooper -- were the first to warp “tea party” into “tea bagger” illustrates the extent to which leftist allegations often amount to nothing more than psychological projection. Um, Anderson, we don’t do that sort of thing. As for you … it’s harder to say.

The sparse anime of Mark Fiore, “an American liberal political cartoonist specializing in Flash-animated editorial cartoons,” underwhelms. The film’s plot is both moronic and predictable.

This radical’s work is drenched in the politics of self-congratulation and the same can be said of the triumvirate that now rules our nation. They care, we don’t, and that is why we dare to disagree with them. No other explanation is possible.

The clip’s action opens with a doughy, dense tea party participant who is propelled into action by his palpable stupidity. The narrator announces that “learning a new language [conversational teabag] doesn’t have to be hard.”

You see, it’s not hard, which is why we do it. Our movement can be contrasted with the grandmaster-level skill required to alter “tea party” into “teabag” and to then use ridicule as the primary mechanism for presenting counterarguments.

The narrator pretends that our lack of intellect is the root cause behind our objections. When we hear challenging words like “government public option,” we become confused and prone to shouting, “Socialist, socialist!”

Yet risible are the cartoon’s premises. Government health care never fosters competition; it terminates it. Federal programs destroy businesses en masse because there is no limit to how much they can lose when setting prices.

Corporations either make money or go bankrupt, whereas the government always squanders funds and there is no end to its extravagance. This is obvious but leftists like Fiore are too sophisticated for anything but cursory analysis.

A reductio ad Hitlerum follows … as it invariably does. The yokel main character [read: us] ecstatically shouts, “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!” due to his lack of comprehension. Ah, that trope again. To modify the famous words of the Duke of Wellington, “They came on in the same old way and now we’ll beat them back in the same old way.”

First off, it was Nancy Pelosi who played the Hitler card last summer. She hallucinated in public, charging the protesters at town hall meetings with carrying “swastikas,” yet I never saw one -- at least not displayed by someone on my side -- when I attended such gatherings.

Second, the Nazis were leftists, not rightists, and the Democratic Party as opposed to the Republican Party is what brims with socialists -- although, admittedly, comparing them to Nazis is inappropriate. There is nothing “national” about our leftists. They despise America and hold themselves to be “citizens of the world.”

Third, this Nazi shtick is but more projection. Juvenile name calling is integral to radical strategy. Conservatives don’t do that sort of thing. Logical argument is a hallmark of the right while “ism” flinging is a staple of the left.