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Note to Self: When Fighting An Empire, Make Sure You Kidnap and Kill Women and Children

According to ABC News:

"Heavily armed Taliban insurgents stormed a popular lakeside hotel just outside of Kabul, killing at least 18 people and wounding several more in a brazen overnight attack.

The assault, which lasted nearly 12 hours, began shortly before midnight on Thursday. As many as eight insurgents, some reportedly disguised in burqahs, killed the security guards at the hotel, stormed inside, and began firing at guests.

The dining hall was packed with civilians, including women and children. The victims included the hotel manager, several private security guards, and at least one police officer."

Those who still equate radical Islam with a kind of Third World anti-imperialist liberation theology have had a lot of explaining to do for quite some time. It has yet to be explained how murdering one's "own" people is any way a contribution to defeating the "imperial power." When the British invaded Louisiana during the War of 1812, President James Madison didn't dispatch stormtroopers to start killing civilians in Virginia. This kind of sophisticated "anti-imperialism" is reserved for the Greater Middle East.

It's not just the far left that is responsible for that narrative. A diluted version of it lives on in the liberal bromide that pursuing terrorists "creates" more terrorists. The unstated inverse of that argument is that leaving terrorists alone destroys terrorists, or at the very least does not create more. Since the Taliban was murdering Afghans, Arabs, Persians, and many others long before the War on Terror began, we can safely conclude that at least one entire side of the political spectrum, from center to fringe, has no clue what it's talking about.