Not Just Anarchists: New Democracy Movement Blooms In Greece

Despite the massive clean-up effort underway -- the spray-painted slogans have been painted over, the broken glass and marble already cleaned up -- the emotional toll this latest round of riots has taken on Greece seems to be even more intense. The opposition New Democracy party is already claiming that the current government has lost total control over the country, and despite the approval today of the fifth aid installment from fellow Europeans, the country seems on the verge of implosion.

And yet, the agankistmeni have returned to Syntagma Square, slowly but surely. They have planned a massive gathering with concerts, poetry, and speeches. Interestingly, the backlash against the overwhelming violent response to the protests and the public backlash against the violent fringe elements is driving even more people to the aganakstimeni side: everyone is fed up, with everything.

The persistence of the Greek spirit -- embodied by the famed Zorba -- is personified by these people. Almost everyone in Greece is suffering, yet the agankistmeni movement has spread from Syntagma Square to town squares all over Greece, and despite not having any political affiliation the movement is growing organically day by day.

It is from the hearts and minds of these people that the next step will be created.

So the next time you see hood-wearers in Greece, remember they are a fringe element. The majority of Greeks are actually coming together.