"Not Dead Yet" Castro Calls Clinton-Obama "Invincible"

Everybody's favorite MIA Cuban dictator penned a second article in less than a week for the official Cuban newspaper, Granma, and in his customary meandering style ends up saying that "the seemingly invincible ticket of Clinton-Obama" are calling for democracy, and he's not pleased. Not pleased at all.

Castro may be calling Clinton-Obama "the seemingly invincible ticket", but it's definitely not an endorsement. Why? Because they want democracy for Cuba, and he doesn't.

While Obama has called for unrestricted rights for Cuban-Americans to visit and send remittances to the island and Hillary doesn't want to change the present policy on Cuba unless Castro's out of the picture, Castro didn't bother to differentiate between the candidates' stance. While he was at it, Castro also took a potshot at Al Gore, who 'of course committed the error of yearning for "a democratic Cuba.'"

This is an "error" all the free peoples of the world are committing, of course.

But the dictator, who writes his articles from an undisclosed location while rumors of his death appear to be greatly exaggerated, is not all that hard to please. He starts the article with a good word for Jimmy Carter, and praises the other Clinton as really friendly, kind, "as well as intelligent" -- praising Bill's stance on the Elian Gonzalez case.

Hillary will not have the opportunity to show Fidel her friendly and kind side in the current custody case involving a four-year-old Cuban girl presently in foster care with the family of sports agent Jose Cubas and his wife - who have already adopted the girl's brother - because all parties in this case have agreed to allow family court decide the girl's fate.

The Cubas case is not mentioned at all in the article since the author is focused on the past. In a rather surprising detail, while reminiscing about the past, Castro mentions that he and Che Guevara used to play golf together and that Che had caddied in his younger days.

Such are the bourgeois tales coming from an undisclosed location.