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Norton Reader Teaches Obama's 2009 Cairo Speech to College Students

Obama is facing the same challenges George W. Bush did, as I discovered in writing a guide book about the Cairo speech: Bush also gave practitioners of Islam the benefit of the doubt. An editorial at the Washington Times even claimed: “Obama Gives a Bush Speech.” Of course, Obama and the world thought that the very person of Obama would make all the difference.

But students being taught this speech as an exemplar of rhetoric and diplomacy in a college English class will not likely get this information from their Obama-struck professors. Nor will they learn that a foreign policy that attacks Americans and American principles first is not part of our tradition.

Don’t count on students, who have suffered twelve years of teacher bullying regarding tolerance and Islam appreciation, to be taught the truth about Obama's Cairo speech.

(My Dissident Prof Guide Book is intended to address that lack and is available here.)