North Korea's Kim Jong Il a Fashion Bug

The “Dear Leader” had this epiphany after seeing a female store clerk with a hairstyle obviously modeled on the “bad foreign habits of the capitalist.” The right to bad foreign hairstyles in North Korea is reserved only for the dictator.

Other capitalist and Western pleasures reserved only for Kim Jong-Il have been reported by a couple of chefs and a personal shopper on … hiatus.

Pyongyang’s Number 8 Banquet Hall is "equipped with an elaborate lighting … and even a disco mirror ball hanging from the middle of the ceiling with strobe lights.” Classy!

When told to strip naked, disco dancers at this hall were surprised by the creative inspiration of the leader. He even ordered his staff members and a chef to dance. Fun for all!

Dancing isn’t the only guilty pleasure in North Korea. Luxury cars, nuclear equipment, and weapons caught the fancy of the Dear Leader. He sent his personal shopper, Kim Jong Ryul, all over the world to acquire them. After 20 years, Kim Jong Ryul finally shopped ‘til he dropped -- faking his own death and leaving the country.

The benevolent dictator is not without sympathy for his citizens. Granted, he’s been known to have entire families murdered just for a drunken slight by one of its members. Then again, what dictator hasn’t made that rookie mistake, eh?

Obviously feeling bad for such overreactions (and for widespread famine), the regime invited an Italian pizza expert to teach the military how to cook pizza for the starving masses. Pizza party! The goal was to make quick, cheap, and easy meals for the whole family … err, country.

The dictator’s tastes are more refined than those of his adoring masses. He has “10,000 bottles of liquor in a cellar, and sends his chefs around the world for opulent foods like caviar and the finest sushi.”

Probably the most exquisite meal ever to be made for Kim is a sea urchin dish by his former Japanese chef, Kenji Fujimoto. Well, it hasn’t been made yet. In 2001 Fujimoto left for Rishiri Island to fetch the urchin. The dictator thought the dish looked “really good!” And as soon as the chef comes back from his trip, it’s sure to be a treat.