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North Korea and Occupy Wall Street

North Korea is a beautiful country with a few minor problems. Due to governmental repression and bad weather, there is insufficient food for the people and North Korea has been begging many other countries for food and other relief. She can, however, grow lots of poppies at her political prison farms to make heroin to export for hard currency. Still, according to a global happiness index her people are almost the happiest in the world, second only to those in China.

Some of the gentle souls at Occupy Wall Street apparently chose to credit North Korean sources.

Some of them may have watched this lengthy (27 minute) and inspiring video, posted by a community organizer Communist activist, showing how prosperous, productive, well fed and happy even the little people are in democratic and free North Korea. It "proves" (in a manner similar to their other "proofs") not only that people are not starving there but that they are actually far better off than the wretches in the United States.

The rest of us must have been grossly misled by those begging the U.N. and the U.S. to send food.  South Korea recently agreed to send $6.94 million in aid through the World Health Organization. Obviously, the North has no need for that or any other international humanitarian assistance. The OWS folks who think North Korea is great should obviously leave their horrible U.S. brainwashing behind and move to the happy neverland of North Korea. Or perhaps to Big Rock Candy Mountain.