Norquist to PJM: 'Robust Guest-Worker Program' More Important Than 'Big Wall'

“China can’t do immigration. We can. We’re the future. They’re not because we do immigration because we can grow. We can grow as much as we want. They can’t. China can’t decide to grow more. They’ve already decided to have not enough women,” he said.

“Immigration is what’s made us economically strong, politically strong, militarily strong, culturally cohesive and strong.”

Norquist rejects the notion that “more people make us poorer.”

“People are assets. People produce as well as consume. More people is good, not bad. So, the answer is immigration historically has made this country a success,” he said.

When the bipartisan group of senators known as the “Gang of 8” first released their immigration reform proposal, Norquist released a statement in support of the plan.

"Immigration reform is one of the most important steps our country can take to grow America's economy and preserve our leadership status in the world,” he said in January of this year.

“I believe this plan is a meaningful step toward fixing our broken immigration system, and I urge Congress to consider the positive economic ramifications of a vibrant guest worker program, more high-skilled visas, and a pathway to earned legal status and citizenship for those already in the country."