Nomination of New U.S. Ambassador to Russia Should Be Defeated

In what way has Iran become even remotely less dangerous to U.S. interests? Russia continues to pour nuclear technology into Iran and, if Iran gets a bomb, it will be because of Russia.

Afghanistan? Right after Osama bin Laden was assassinated Russia immediately invited the ruler of Pakistan to visit Moscow for the first time in three decades, thumbing its nose at American outrage over Pakistan’s obvious complicity in hiding the rogue terrorist.

I’ve already argued that McFaul is a terrible choice to lead America’s foreign policy towards Russia, so naturally, Obama is now giving him even more responsibility in this area, and the Russians are salivating at the prospect of what they may gain.

Obama is a dream come true for Putin -- a U.S. president who is willing to look the other way as Putin drives the final nails into the coffin of Russian democracy and seizes power as “president for life.”

So now it is up to the Republican Party. At McFaul’s upcoming confirmation hearings, he must be challenged aggressively. Republicans should do all they can to block his appointment. It’s the only way of sending a clear message to Obama that he must reverse course on Russia. If they don’t do so, then they will share responsibility for allowing the rise of a neo-Soviet state in Russia, funded with oil windfalls and seething with contempt for American values.

The ghost of Ronald Reagan will haunt them the rest of their days.