No Sympathy for the Devil as Satanic Temple Moves in on Ten Commandments

One is a Civil War soldier overshadowed by a guardian angel. There is also a firemen's memorial with an Angel of Mercy.

“If the Ten Commandments are good enough to be engrained into the facade of the U.S. Supreme Court Chamber, the likeness of Moses carved into the walls of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Ten Commandments emblazoned into the floor of the National Archives,” Rapert wrote, “I believe they are good enough to be displayed on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol.”

Jerry Cox, the spokesman of the Arkansas Family Council, is no fan of the Satanic Temple planting its statue in Little Rock.

But he also cautions this is not going to be a simple project for the Satanic Temple. The Arkansas Legislature is going to have to approve it, and they won’t be back in session until 2016.

And when the Legislature does get back to work, who do you think is going to want to sponsor a proposal from the Satanic Temple?

Cox told the American Family News Network this might be nothing but a Satanic Temple publicity stunt.

"They're trying to use this as a way to attack the Ten Commandments monument," he said. "But like it or not, the Ten Commandments and our Judeo-Christian heritage is the heart and soul of who we are in the West as Western cultures.”

This could be nothing by a ploy for publicity, but this is not the first time the Satanic Temple has tried to plant its flag in the form of a nine-foot-tall, one-ton statue of an occult deity.

The Satanic Temple’s first choice for a home for Baphomet was Oklahoma. As in Arkansas, it was a statement against the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on state property.

Because of the legal battle that sparked, Greaves and Jarry take at least partial credit for the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision against the monument in Oklahoma City. By a 7-2 ruling, the state Supreme Court justices ruled it was a violation of the Oklahoma Constitution.

Now Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is refusing to obey the Supreme Court order and some are calling for state’s Supreme Court justices to be impeached.

The Satanic Temple is trying again to get a Baphomet statue on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds and Hindus say they want a statute of Lord Hanuman to honor Hindus living in Oklahoma on state property.

So, if what is happening in Oklahoma is any indication, the unveiling of Baphomet in Detroit could be just the beginning of the religious and judicial conflict — along with a nice payday for more than a few attorneys — to come in Arkansas.