No More Guns for You, Liam

After Irish-born actor Liam Neeson shot off his mouth about Americans' fondness for guns -- you know, the things he uses in his hit action movies -- the company that provided the weapons for the latest installment in the Taken series decided it had had enough:

PARA USA regrets its decision to provide firearms for use in the film "Taken 3". While the film itself is entertaining, comments made by its Irish-born star during press junkets reflect a cultural and factual ignorance that undermines support of the Second Amendment and American liberties. We will no longer provide firearms for use in films starring Liam Neeson and ask that our friends and partners in Hollywood refrain from associating our brand and products with his projects. Further, we encourage our partners and friends in the firearms industry to do the same.

And what exactly was it that Neeson said?

At an event in Dubai, Neeson said: “First off, my thoughts and prayers and my heart are with the deceased, and certainly with all of France, yesterday. I’ve got a lot of dear friends in Paris. There’s too many f—ing guns out there. Especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a f—ing disgrace.

Here's a thrilling scene from Taken 3, starring some guy named Liam Neeson:

'America has too many f'ing guns' 'There's too many f'ing guns out there'