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'No Jewish People without Israel': Daniel Gordis' Excellent Essay

As a young Jew, the Gordis piece distinguishes itself for me because the author makes his case without employing a partisan or political angle. For too many of my Jewish contemporaries -- many hopelessly liberal or politically uninformed (and too often a combination of the two) -- an appreciation for Israel and her impact on American life is lacking. For these lost souls, political articles by my go-to writers on the subject (Caroline Click, Bret Stephens, Barry Rubin, and Richard Baehr, to name a few) fall on proverbially deaf, though more accurately jaded, ears. While certainly not immune to weighing in on political matters, Gordis is not overtly partisan and has a trackrecord writing for publications all over the political spectrum. Moreover, his thoughtful bonding of American Jewry and Israel’s survival transcends political debate.

As an enlightened reader, perhaps you would be so kind as to do the following: during these High Holy Days for the Jewish people -- whether you’re Jewish or not -- forward Gordis’s essay to a young Jewish friend or family member. As America’s secular Jews make their annual pilgrimage to synagogue, perhaps younger congregants can be persuaded to reaffirm their commitment to Zion and the core of its ideal, the state of Israel.