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No, Hillary Clinton Did Not 'Triumph' at the Benghazi Hearing

Hillary Clinton's performance at the Select Committee on Benghazi hearing yesterday has been proclaimed by some in the media as a "triumph" because she was able to keep her composure without committing any major gaffes during the day-long marathon.

Clinton did appear to be composed and well prepared for everything the Republicans on the panel threw at her, but there were a couple of extremely weird moments in which she laughed inappropriately during serious questioning. Those moments could come back to haunt her.

And there was serious damage done to her credibility on a number of fronts.

One of the more astonishing revelations to come out of the hearing is the fact that approximately 600 pleas for more security by State Department personnel in Benghazi went unheeded as the security situation there deteriorated. Not five, not ten, but 600 pleas for help ignored! That is unexcusable and a disgrace.

Clinton argued that "a number of requests" were fulfilled, but she did not explain how they were fulfilled.

Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) pointed out that the number of security agents in Benghazi at the beginning of 2012 was the same as on the day of the attacks.

And at least a couple congressmen asked Clinton why Sidney Blumenthal's emails managed to make it to her inbox, but none of those security requests did. Hillary could only respond that security requests were the purview of the "security professionals" below her.  She had no answer as to why the security professionals did not want to beef up security when other countries were bailing out of Benghazi.

Clinton showed a stunning degree of insensitivity when she laughed and joked about Ambassador Stevens' desperate attempt to buy security equipment for the compound from the British less than a year before his murder at the hands of terrorists.