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No Exposed Breasts, No Peace!

Of course the men were enthusiastically supportive; they were seeing boobies. For free! And without even having to buy dinner first. Their voyeur cups runneth over. Shanda Panda further babbled:

I think it’s important to empower women to be comfortable and feel safe being topless.

Ah, always trotting out the meaningless "empowerment" drivel. And feeling "comfortable" being topless in public is at the very bottom of my importance scale, Shanda Panda. In fact, it doesn't even register on the scale. You know what is important, though? Allowing women to feel comfortable being women. Truly empowering women by encouraging them to embrace their femininity and the fact that they are different than men; those differences should be honored, not discouraged.

Moreover, feminists really need to get their acts together and let one victimhood-embracing hand know what the other constantly aggrieved one is doing. Because other feminists say boobs should JUST be sexual. Erica Jong recently complained about women who breastfeed on demand because they are telling their mates that their breasts do not belong to him.  Huh. I thought they belonged to me? You've come a long way, baby! But make sure you keep babies off your breasts; they are for a man's enjoyment only. Others call breastfeeding creepy because breasts should be for lovers only. Yet, it's not creepy to expose them to every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the street while doing your grocery shopping? Also creepy is the creator of gotopless.org (NSFW!). Even the usually useless site Jezebel has pointed out that the cult-like founder uses the idea of "normalizing" women's breasts to, you know, gawk at breasts. He also seems to want to "normalize" the sexualization of children. Well done, feminists! Way to be For The Children.

Newflash to feminists: breasts are already normal and women already have the nebulous "equality." It is sad that the fact that equal does not mean identical flies over your little victim-y heads, as always. The science is settled here; men and women are different. Inside and out. Being equal yet different are concepts that are not mutually exclusive. It's a good thing. Why on earth would we want to be the exact same as men? Feminists continue to dehumanize women by encouraging us to focus on being just like men. Considering your body in all its feminine glory as something that needs to be "normalized" or made more masculine is not empowering, it's enslaving.

I know this is hard for the ever-aggrieved to believe but some societal conventions serve an actual purpose and are not just some Patriarchal Plot of Oppression. Respecting women and all their girly bits is a mark of a civilized society, not a blight on one. Trying to turn women into men is antithetical to true "empowerment," as is constantly trying to enshrine women as poor little victims. And objectifying yourselves in the name of empowerment is just stupid. The only result is that you have now removed any requirement that women be treated as something other than a sexual toy -- even by themselves.

Image courtesy WebStudio24h / Shutterstock