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No Country for Young Fathers: Paternity Testing on the Rise

Statistics show that 1 in 25 men are raising children they wrongly assume they sired. And it seems like more and more men are hoping they are that 1 in 25. Those not wanting to pay child support or get tied down have been ridiculously portrayed thousands of times on the Maury show. DDC is the exclusive paternity test partner for the program, and they claim over 5,000 paternity tests on Maury and The Steve Wilkos Show. I don't know what is worse, seeing men wail when they find out they have a child to own up to or seeing the men throw a dance party when they find out they are not the father.

With increased exposure, not simply with talk shows but with cases like Bieber and other celebrities and politicians, the subject of paternity just isn't taboo anymore. It used to be if a guy had a good chance of being the parent he was going to raise that child as his own.  He knew he could be the father and was not going to go through the scandal and embarrassment of getting a test done. But now, paternity tests are so frequent and simple to do that a young man not wanting a child has no qualms in finding out for sure. Caskey said,

The topic is less taboo; celebs and real people are dealing with it in the media.  So more men feel comfortable initiating testing.

My fear is that America is quickly becoming no country for young fathers. In a society where no responsibility or commitment is tied to sex it has become a natural decline for no responsibility or commitment toward children. For women that means high numbers of abortions and for men it means high avoidance of parental responsibilities. Our next generation is either dying in the womb or being abandoned outside of the womb. And that will sadly create a cultural cycle that does not bode well for America. Paternity tests are on the rise and no one is paying attention. We should be.