No, Conservatism Isn't Like Nazism. (Sigh...)

A swastika was carved on a golf course in Lakeville, Massachusetts, this month with the message, “I (swastika) Obama.”

I guess that’s supposed to be the work of some evil, racist, right-winger. (Yawn.) I contend that it was some unimaginative, Kool-Aid drinking liberal that doesn’t understand that Nancy Pelosi wanted them to be a bit more original when framing conservatives for hate speech. Someone from the National Endowment for the Arts should break from creating propaganda to oversee the next dastardly “conservative” hate-scrawl and add some panache.

Anyone who has seen the fantastically funny anti-Obama signs from the march on D.C. would know a conservative with a golf course canvas could do a lot better than scratching out a piece of tired, liberal rhetoric with a golf shoe.

On a side note, I take issue with the notion that there are any conservatives left in Massachusetts brave enough to go out after dark.

So here we are with Hitler, Nazis, and swastikas again. Really? Again? It’s like a dog with a stick -- no matter how many times you toss it out, liberals keep running after it and bringing it back. I’m beginning to think that’s all they’ve got. Here are four debunked liberal talking points to show why it’s completely ridiculous that a conservative would be ideologically inclined to such stupidity:

1. Conservatives only want the rich to succeed.

False. Conservatives want everyone to succeed. They believe free market capitalism achieves the best outcomes for all individuals. They also believe lower taxes for everyone leads to more economic freedom.

Capitalism isn’t necessarily a “for-profit” concept; it’s an exchange mechanism designed to allow individuals to negotiate a win/win situation for themselves. Let’s say you go into your boss’ office to negotiate a 10 percent raise and you come out with a 7 percent raise plus an extra week of vacation days. If that deal is acceptable to both you and your boss, then you’ve just engaged in capitalism.

Leaving arbitration to labor unions means you have no say in the deals made on your behalf. You may not be adequately compensated because the union could have secured a health care plan with your salary package that isn’t needed. If you can get health insurance for your family through your spouse’s employer, then your health care package is redundant and you’re salary isn’t enough for your position. You may also be charged union dues that go towards campaign contributions for a political party that you don’t support.

Individuals negotiating on behalf of themselves = capitalism and economic freedom.

Lower taxes mean more money in your pocket. If people could keep more of the money they earn to invest in their own retirement (rather than in social security) they’d have more money at retirement and to leave to their heirs.

Lower taxes for the “rich” (mostly small business owners who don’t actually pocket all that moolah) means they have more money to give you a raise or expand their business to employ more people. Voila! Economic growth for everyone!

2. Conservatives hate minorities.

False. Conservatives don’t hate anyone; they believe in fairness to all. Not only does that mean that we shouldn’t be unfair to people, but that we shouldn’t favor particular groups either.

Our founding documents make it clear that all men are created equal with certain inalienable rights. Our government also ensures a free public education to all. Anything more, and you’re “giving a man a fish” rather than “teaching him how to fish” for himself.

As for “illegal aliens,” purported by the left to mean racial hatred rather than an immigration issue: We have laws in America; it’s what keeps a civilization from falling into anarchy. We welcome all that enter through the front door. While it’s understandable that Hispanics want to flee the drug cartels’ chokehold on Mexico, it’s not our situation to fix. Quite frankly, if the border fence had gone up 40 years ago, Mexico might have flourished as a nation.

Had conservative ideology been in play at the onset of illegal border-crossing, the border would have been secured, by a fence if necessary. This would have been done to keep out the drugs crossing our borders that made the cartels wealthy enough to have taken over Mexico in the first place. That would have been the moral thing to do. Now, Mexico is in ruins and we have millions of people in our country being demeaned as the new ethnic voting block of “victims” by the Democrat Party. All this, in the name of “compassion.”