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No, BuzzFeed and Mediaite, Paul Ryan Didn't Get 'Testy' and End an Interview

Here's BuzzFeed's headline on a little story that happened today:

Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Ends Interview

Here's the video. BuzzFeed got a couple of things wrong. One - Ryan isn't "testy."Two - Ryan didn't end the interview. Someone off camera did that. Other than that, BuzzFeed and Mediate's reporting are OK, I guess.

Bonus: The reporter's question was strange, as Ryan said. The interview was about reducing crime, and Ryan offered up some solutions including bringing economic opportunity to inner city neighborhoods where crime is rampant. After a few questions about guns, the reporter tries a curve and asks Ryan if it's possible to "do all that while* cutting taxes." It was an odd non sequitur but it didn't throw Ryan off or make him angry.

* The reporter actually said "by cutting taxes." Which is stupid, and something Ryan has never said.