Nice DREAM: On Immigration, Dem Promises Become Lies

And I was even more furious when Democrats managed to doctor the crime scene to make it look as if Republicans were the real culprits -- just like they always do on immigration, ensuring that no self-respecting Latino would dare vote for a Republican for any office. In the long run, when one political party takes them for granted and the other writes them off, Latinos lose.

Now, seven months later, I’m no longer furious at Democratic leaders for what happened with the DREAM Act. I’m impressed. The Senate Democrats really fooled me, and a lot of other people who were inclined to believe that Reid, Obama, and the rest of the Democratic Party really wanted to pass it.

Guess what? They don’t. Why would they? As it stands, it’s a great issue to bludgeon Republicans with to score points with Latino voters. If they did pass the DREAM Act, they know they’d own the bill -- and have to wear it around their neck in the 2012 elections. Given that some people (wrongly) consider the bill an “amnesty,” they don’t want that.

So it’s entirely possible that Reid didn’t lose those five votes so much as cut them loose. I bet that he deliberately orchestrated those five defections to allow Democrats to enjoy the best of both worlds -- thwart passage of the DREAM Act while casting blame on Republicans. It was a win-win.

Now that the idea is back, we can expect Senate Democrats to do what they did last time. Why not? It worked like a dream.