Newsweek: An Islamic Europe Is No Cause for Concern

Underhill says, “A British Muslim from Pakistan would struggle to communicate with a French Muslim from Algeria.” Has he ever attended a rally in Trafalgar Square in which thousands of radical Muslims of every nationality and sect mingle and distribute literature about “Zionist apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing in Palestine,” in between endless speeches by activists of every background condemning evil America and its war criminals?

Underhill proves my point by citing a recent Gallup poll: “more than 30 percent of French Muslims were ready to accept homosexuality, compared with zero in Britain.” This is one indication of the reactionary nature of much of British Islam. He goes on to point out that “40 percent of Iranians living in Germany identified themselves as having no religion. … In the Netherlands, the proportion of Muslims who regularly attend the mosque -- 27 percent -- is lower than the proportion of Protestants who go to church.” This may be true but what the “scaremongers” are trying to point out is that there is also a percentage of Muslim populations, led by imams from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, who have become radicalized in such a way as to be unprecedented amongst any other minority immigrant group in Europe.

If Underhill thinks there isn’t a problem, evidently he has not heard about the massive fertilizer bomb plot that would have killed thousands in British shopping malls, the liquid bomb plot that would have brought down airliners by the handful, and the nearly successful 2007 bombs that narrowly missed slaughtering hundreds in London’s Texas Embassy restaurant, in a Haymarket nightclub, and at Glasgow Airport. Has he not heard about the July 7 bombs or Richard Reid? Britain continues to be a breeding ground for radical groups allowed to function without impunity across the country. What other nationality or faith behaves like this? Was it normal for the men of the London Regent’s Park Central Mosque, way back in 1998, to warn my Libyan cameraman not to bring me, producer of a film celebrating the three Abrahamic faiths, onto their premises or I “would be killed”? This is the peaceful, loyal population that Newsweek sees blending in so well to European ways of life? Yes, the IRA terrorized Britain for decades, but Britain now has a new problem with young men born here who seek to bring a repressive system to a progressive democracy that has flourished for a thousand years.

It is interesting too that the British Muslim Parliament, unlike the Jewish Beth Din, wanted a “confrontational approach in its championing of Islamic causes” when it was founded in 1992. On its own website it acknowledges, “The idea was instead to empower Muslims with their separate and distinctly Islamic institutions to meet their needs independently of the British government. … It also sought to discourage Muslims from entering mainstream politics or even from voting in elections; rather, the focus of debate was the need to create a ‘non-territorial Islamic state’ in Britain.” It has since backed down from these notions, but reading the website of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, one appreciates the anger simmering in the community. Those who worry about this are not “scaremongers.”

Underhill finishes off his essay with: “It seems that if Europe is in the throes of revolution, many of the supposed combatants appear strangely content with the established order.”

That could have been said before 9/11 when a significant Islamic uprising was being perpetrated against Israel but when the rest of the world was “quiet.” Notwithstanding this, watching the rage of the Palestinian intifada, I warned fellow synagogue-goers at the Selichot service on September 8, 2001, that “something terrible is brewing.” They scoffed. Then stuff happened.

Now in 2009 the world is not quiet and, sadly, radical Islam dominates the news 365 days a year. That these movements are not proliferating inside Europe is nonsense. No population surveys can truly convey the dangers of British and European extremism. Like Winston Churchill in the wilderness years, I am happy to be a scaremonger.