New Zimmerman Evidence Removes Any Doubt

After the mob appeared demanding Zimmerman’s head, the governor appointed a new special prosecutor, Angela Corey, to handle the case.  She openly talked about “Dear Trayvon” and appeared to support the mob’s suspicions.

Zimmerman was then charged.

Rather than investigate the New Black Panthers or the other criminals making death threats, teams of FBI agents and local investigators have been ordered by Eric Holder’s Justice Department to go around Florida asking about whether anyone has heard George Zimmerman make racist comments. You can’t make this stuff up.

It is time that we all face up to the curse of extraordinary crime rates in the black community, usually directed at other blacks. Black are usually (though not always) the victims. It is the 800-pound monster in America’s living rooms that polite people do not discuss, lest we be labeled racists.

Among the many hopes I had for the new president when I voted for him was that he would effectively deal with black crime, in part because of his experience as a community organizer and in part because his own race would prevent charges of racism against him. Yet Mr. Obama has not faced up to black crime.

The Retreat at Twin Lakes, where Zimmerman and his wife live, is not, as has been often implied, an all-white neighborhood. It is indeed gated, but it is also multiracial with about 49% non-Hispanic white, 23% Hispanic, 20% black, and 5% Asian residents  In recent years, crime increased and young black men became involved in burglaries and violent home invasions there.

As a result of such repeated frightening incidents, residents decided to form a neighborhood watch program. Zimmerman was the coordinator of the program. Zimmerman, who has become a symbol of anti-black racism, was actually seeking to deal with the problem in the neighborhood in a direct and civilized way.

He is now ensconced in a solitary confinement cell in a Florida jail from which he pleads with his wife Shellie to get a bulletproof vest and to always wear it even though it may be uncomfortable.

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