New York Times Says 'Modern Man' 'Has No Use for a Gun,' 'Cries Often'

This is a core assumption of the Leftist worldview. It founders on reality every day, but no matter: the Modern Man is impervious to disconfirming evidence. In the world of the Modern Man, there are no enemies, just the occasional Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Oh, and there are a few “bad guys” -- the now universally employed appellation in the military and the State Department for those who wish to destroy and subjugate us -- who are really good people who just so far have not succumbed to the kindness and rationality of the Modern Man. But they will.

The Modern Man faces no jihad threat. The Modern Man faces no threat at all. All he faces are dissatisfied Pre-Modern Men who, with a bit of money and a few good job opportunities, will become happy and productive Modern Men themselves.

What will the Modern Man do when the Islamic State threat that he (and the New York Times) has ignored, denied, and dismissed as “Islamophobia” for so many years becomes undeniable reality staring him in the face?

He will cry. He will cry often.