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New Saudi Visa Requirement: Ugliness!

Few of them choose that mission, and so those boys get older, and they learn that their dreams and desires can be fulfilled...in OUR part of the world, where they are permitted to indulge themselves with OUR women, who of course are not only every bit as sinful as their own wenches, but are free to sin as they wish.  And they DO wish.  That's a given.

Dr. Freud would have a few words to say about the neurotic basis of that society.  And he'd probably add one more thing:  it's pretty obvious, isn't it? that the protectors of virtue are not just worried about foreign women.  They're afraid that the Kingdom's own lustful females might be tempted.

It doesn't take a great psychoanalyst to spot an inferiority complex at work.  The protectors of virtue secretly believe that they and their fellow countrymen aren't nearly as handsome as the beaux from Abu Dhabi.  They didn't want Saudi men's lack of handsomeness to be exposed in front of everyone.

So they threw them out.

Great place, the Saudi Royal Kingdom.  No Jews, no Christians, no handsome.  Just an entire population of guilt-ridden, sexually repressed, not-so-good-looking guys and their sex slaves.  No wonder the women aren't permitted to drive.  The orgy would start in  minutes.