New Orleans Mayor: Trump ‘Spicing It Up' Like Huey Long, Edwin Edwards

“The levies broke. This was not a manmade. This was not a natural disaster. This was a manmade disaster. If a category five rolling in at 12 miles per hour of speed that has winds over 150 miles an hour hits any city in America, you should hope that you will have gone by then,” he said.

“I think Hurricane Sandy demonstrated to us that we have many, many vulnerable cities, and guess what? On the scale, New Orleans isn't even on the top. I think Miami’s number one; I think Charleston is up there; New York is up there and so I have said many, many times in defense of our great city that has had ridiculous things said about it, by the way, by seemingly educated people, that that storm did not hit us because we were bad people,” he added.

In terms of hurricane protection, Landrieu said the city is much safer now than it was before Katrina.

“We have spent $14.6 billion federal dollars on fortifying the levies to what they call category three standards and if another event came in just like this one, at the same speed and at the same time, we have really good reason to believe that we would be fine,” he said.