New Kentucky Governor Says All the Kim Davises Are Off the Hook

“The people of Kentucky have overwhelmingly spoken in support of Kim Davis and others who believe our nation should be a place where all people can live out their faith without fear of being put in prison,” said Staver. “This is a day that our constitutional principles are being used as intended to protect innocent people from undue harm. This promise is a clear, simple path to resolving all the legal efforts on behalf of Davis.”

However, it is yet to be seen if Bevin will actually have the power, by executive order, to change the way marriage licenses are handled in Kentucky.

Davis’ attorneys repeatedly asked Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear (D) for the same administrative change in the way marriage licenses were handled. However, Beshear maintained that only the Kentucky Legislature could remove the requirement that county clerks sign marriage licenses.

Bevin told reporters Beshear’s argument that the change couldn’t be made by executive order was “baloney.”

“Gov. Steve Beshear could have resolved this marriage license issue a long time ago, but he chose to ignore the plea for help,” Staver added. “Gov.-elect Bevin's impending executive order is a welcome relief for Kim Davis and should be for everyone who cherishes religious freedom.”

Political pundits in Kentucky see Bevin’s victory — he is the second Republican to win a gubernatorial election in the state since 1971 — as a sign of a conservative backlash and the strength of political outsiders in the coming 2016 elections.

"This is the chance for a fresh start, it truly is, and we really need it," Bevin told his supporters as he declared victory in Louisville. "I believe this offers us an opportunity to change the tenor of what has become expected in the world of politics."