New Assad Tactic: Keep Killing Syrians, but Blame Israel

It is imperative that the U.S. and Israel coordinate to diminish the capacity Assad still has over his destiny, or Israel can expect more Golan incursions.

At the highest levels, Israel must deny it supports Assad or his regime of terror. Syrians are not always abreast of the danger he causes -- through his impenetrable alliance with Iran -- to Israel and its citizens via proxy organizations of terror like Hezbollah and Hamas.

Second, Israel must formulate a counter-strategy against repeated Golan incursions. Because Assad was not punished for it the first time, he now has an inexpensive  “Flotilla” tactic that not only harms Syrians clueless about their pawn status, but also their image. If a legal framework can be justified, a drone attack against a symbol of Assad’s oppression would send two signals: Israel will not tolerate Assad’s infantile gestures that put the region at risk of all-out war; and Israel stands by the people of Syria and against the massacres.

RPS highly recommends destroying the main Mukhabarat center in Homs.

Third, Israel needs to announce a humanitarian mission of some sort to support the Syrian people. In 1948, the Allies masterminded the superb Berlin Airlift to keep the Soviets from controlling West Berlin; today such action by Israel would distinguish her from the violent Arab dictators massacring their own people. Even if the goods do not reach their destination, al-Jazeera TV images of Israeli-marked aid will stir hearts.

Israel should think of herself as a neighbor to the oppressed Syrians. Solidarity with our people during these difficult times will plant the seeds of peace.


June 3 -- Maarat an-Numan, near Aleppo:

Syrians challenge security men, who look bewildered. The Syrians chant for regime change.

Security men and the Syrian army have been told they will be protecting Syria by fighting foreign terrorists, yet they are only confronted by unarmed civilians looking for the regime to fall.

Expect these security men to eventually join the rebellion.