Netanyahu's Mistake: Exposing Iran's Wolf in Moderate Clothing

I admire Bibi Netanyahu, but he made a tactical mistake. The best thing he could have done was proceed along with the talkers. Join them, and don’t spoil the party. Don’t suggest that Hassan is a wolf with a smile, don’t suggest that Barack is a dangerous fool. Netanyahu should have said he had reservations, but is excited that these two important talkers are talking, and that he wishes to join the talks.

This is the best thing you can do with talkers like Obama and Rouhani. Take them for what they pretend to be.

Talk to them as if they really are moderates talking about peace, love, and understanding.

Netanyahu should have made another statement, a historical statement: he should have invited Hassan to come to Israel and to visit Yad Vashem. Hassan is a moderate man, and he has acknowledged the Holocaust per Christiane Amanpour, so he will be interested in being informed by great historians about the scope of Europe’s mass murder of the Jews.

Israel’s president made the mistake of trying to explain to the free world that Hassan Rouhani is just a talker. The free world’s leftist media is not interested in facts. They prefer an upbeat narrative dismissive of the facts.

Netanyahu can correct his mistake: invite President Rouhani, let him come to Jerusalem and have a talking session with Holocaust historians. Give him the chance to show that he is a moderate and reform-minded man. Hassan’s reply to Bibi’s invitation will expose the wolf.