NBC 'Expert' Offers Three Tips to Deal with a Home Invasion. They're Ridiculous.

On Sunday, NBC's Today show offered three tips if you find yourself subjected to a home invasion. A long-time New York City police officer serves as the subject-matter expert.

His three tips are:

  1. Keep your car keys handy where you sleep, and if there's a home invasion, hit the horn button to create a lot of noise.
  2. Keep a can of hornet and wasp spray handy, and if the invaders enter your room, spray them with it to render them temporarily blind.
  3. Sleep with all your bedroom doors open so everyone in the house can hear everything that's going on.

Notice what NBC's expert leaves out: Firearms. Your Second Amendment rights never occur to NBC.

Here's the video.

The first point might create lots of noise, but might also alert your invaders that you're awake. A simple push of the button that you pushed will silence the car. The invaders might panic initially, but they'll know that they can control the noise by controlling you. Americans are now so used to car alarms going off at all hours that we hardly ever respond to them, so pushing your car alarm button isn't likely to bring the neighbors out and it won't alert the police.

Let's analyze the last two points on the next page.