Napolitano to American Travelers: We'll Take Naked Pics of You and Touch Your 'Junk,' and You'll Like It! (Updated)

Update: Here's my appearance regarding this article on America's Morning News radio, 11/17/2010.

The combination of arrogance, malevolence, and incompetence that has come to define the Obama administration seems to have found a permanent poster girl atop the Department of Homeland Security. DHS and its big government spawn, the Transportation Security Administration, have come under fire lately for insane policies that are literally jokes outside the U.S. If you don't believe me, take off your shoes as you await security scanning in, say, Japan, and watch the normally stoic Japanese security guards double over laughing at you.

These policies of photographically scanning us down to our skins and touching us in ways that trigger our Stranger Danger reflex really do nothing to make us more secure. They haven't stopped any known attempts to blow up any airplane anywhere.  They don't put true terrorists off balance. The last couple of would-be bombers, like the Ft. Hood jihadist mass murderer, had all the data points that made them worthy of a global terror watch list, but because we don't do that sort of thing effectively, they still get to get on their planes or get ahold of weapons and even get promoted in the U.S. military. And meanwhile, we're having TSA agents grope nuns.  Seriously.

While Sister Mary Elizabeth either digitally kicks the habit or feels the fickle hand of Uncle Sam or Aunt Samantha up close and personal, Johnny Jihad with the Yemeni passport stamped with Pakistani, Afghan, and Syrian stops on his journey of self-discovery puts on his shoes and chuckles merrily and unmolested toward gate C-4.

Americans are rightly offended at all this. This not only violates our physical space, it insults our intelligence. Common sense says, if you have folks who are up to no good and they tend to fit a certain make and model, then you use those specifications to detect them and stop them. But because the "p" word  -- "profile" -- has become a political four-letter word, we can't go there.

Pretty soon we won't be going anywhere. Travelers are starting to revolt against the DHS' offensive and malignant stupidity. The latest rebel is John Tyner, the mild-mannered man who told TSA agents that violating his personal space would bring about legal repercussions.

Well, that's not quite how he said it.  He said it a little more pithily: "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested." Time was, such a thing was so obvious that one seldom if ever needed to say it in public.  Those times are gone and now we're showing the digital peep shows and public gropes on CNN, in what may be the most twisted version of Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame yet.