Nader: ‘The Worst Anti-Semitism in the World Today Is Against Arabs’

“They know how to accuse people of anti-Semitism if any issue on Israel is criticized, even though the worst anti-Semitism in the world today is against Arabs and Arab-Americans and they know how to use the language -- it’s ‘settlements,’ not colonies, it’s ‘incursions,’ not invasion,” Nader said.

“If Diane Rehm has AIPAC people on, you demand equal time. C-SPAN covers AIPAC every year wall-to-wall, doesn’t cover the Israel lobby full-day seminar at the National Press Club a few weeks ago, where’s the demand for equal time?” he added.

Nader argued that ADC has a lot of truth on its side.

“It’s [AIPAC] a lobby that’s using it’s constitutional right. Where’s the other side? The other side has a lot of truth on its side. It has a lot of human rights on its side. ADC, with its excessively modest budget because it’s not adequately supported by Arab Americans and non-Arab Americans who believe in justice and civil liberties regardless of ethnic background, look what they have done in terms of litigation and trying to educate the public,” he said.

“I suspect AIPAC spends more money on hotels for their national meeting in five hours than ADC’s entire budget, so it’s important to ask the question: ‘What does it take in terms of human hours and resources to get things turned around?’”