Mysterious Israeli air strike on Sudan

Israel, which struck a convoy in the Sudan two years ago that was headed to arm Hamas forces in Gaza, admits having done something similar again. This time the target was a rental car, again with weapons smugglers. Reports are varied, but Debka has the most details:

April 5, two passengers of a Hyundai Sonata car were killed in a mysterious attack by a missile that wrecked their car near Port Sudan. DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that the attack, carried out by an unmanned aerial vehicle at Kalaneeb south of Port Said, targeted the Hamas representative in Sudan in charge of the vast Iranian weapons smuggling enterprise for the Gaza Strip via Egypt and the Suez Canal. His latest task was to organize the transfer to Port Sudan of a shipment of mustard and nerve gas purchased by Hamas and Hizballah representatives with Tehran's help from Libyan rebels in Benghazi. The covert WMD consignment was destined for Gaza and Lebanon.

Mustard and nerve gas... whoa!

This shipment, they continue, began at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, which is run by the Revolutionary Guard. Israel, apparently, has eyes in a lot of places.