My Very Own TSA Nightmare

I informed the TSA officer that it was the scar from my colon cancer operation that went from my crotch to my sternum. A day later the scar still hurts from the kneading and prodding. I was informed they were checking in order to determine if I had anything sewn into my stomach. I offered to lift my shirt to show the TSA officer the still rather graphic scar, but he refused.

So in just five minutes I was told I looked like a notorious porn star by a TSA female employee and then had my scar examined by a man. I was so very pleased to be reminded of the painful and frightening (I had post-op complications including “dying several times") experience of a few years ago.

I guess there is a new category of suspect persons to the TSA: “traveling with scars."

What exactly did all this have to do with stopping terrorists? Why was it necessary to embarrass and humiliate me? What was accomplished by this disgusting display by a power-drunk staff?  I have never had this sort of experience before despite my frequent traveling both in the U.S. and abroad.

Surely it would have been better had the dozens of staff on hand been inspecting packages in the holds of airplanes instead of kneading my scar.