My Post-Election Resolution for Political Unity

"A statement with universal agreement is a statement that is meaningless. When everyone agrees with a statement, it ceases to matter. It becomes smoke, ether, disposable like the sound of a cough."

"Too Much Blue Sky," a blog on the subject of "groupthink" from July 2004

This Salon blogger either quit in 2006 or he has taken another internet moniker, so it's not possible to see if he now hails the thing -- unity -- he found so deplorable a mere four years ago. But what was the horrible unity about which he most opined and found so utterly disgusting from 2004 to 2006?

It was this statement: "We all support our troops."

Oh, yes! Now that's an abomination. Overtly repugnant groupthink in action.

A unified war effort in the face of international Islamic terrorism was simply out of the question.

And this bellow of wartime dissent was the single rallying cry which seemingly unified all Democrats for the past five years -- from coast to coast, from the once-hallowed halls of Congress to every foreign shore that would entertain their Bush-bash tirades.

Whenever American war-dissenters of note traveled abroad, they made a point of publicly and self-righteously deriding our one president as worthy of nothing but shame.

The Dixie Chicks to a sold-out crowd in London: "Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." And for the past five years, the Chicks have pouted, fumed, and even made a box-office-bomb movie about their unjust "treatment" at home among us pro-America conservatives.

Unity? Surely you jest.

But all kidding aside, since I've never given one whit what Europeans thought of us or our president, I hereby resolve not to travel across the Big Pond and trash President Obama.

I have too much pride in my own country to criticize our president to a bunch of folks who owe their own freedom -- both past and present -- to my country. And when Europeans decide to foot the bill for their own defenses, then maybe I'll pay a tad of attention to their whiny complaints about our president.