My Pet Marxist, and the Democrats' Perfect New Logo UPDATED

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine played a story to the press this week as if it was so important, so incredible, that it would rally the Democratic base and maybe even save the Democratic Congress. The DNC even used CNN to tease the announcement a day ahead.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine plans to make what's being billed as a major announcement for the party Wednesday.

Any link one clicked on the party's website early Wednesday touted the announcement, without offering details.

However, a Democratic source with knowledge of the speech said it will be about the future of the party.

Wow. The “future of the party,” huh? Well that could be big!

We all know now what the “future of the party” announcement was all about: The Democrats had a new party logo.  And it’s awful.


But take a look at how Chairman Kaine attempted to sell the thing, helpfully posted on the party’s horrible new web site.

I’m sure you’ll also notice our new look. Some may think: it’s just a logo — it’s just a brand. Well I don’t believe the Democratic Party is a logo or a brand — we are much more than that. We are Democrats. We create change that matters. Ours is a party of ideas and ideals, of policies and people, history and purpose.

I don’t know about you, but that description and the “new look” it’s supposed to sell are vapid to me. It might as well be:

That red line of text begs -- begs -- for sarcastic rebuttal. So make your own and send 'em our way, and we'll post the best ones.

The logo itself is a circle and a D. Anyone could create that in Photoshop in less than five minutes, whether you know anything about Photoshop or not. Its two elements are “OD” as in “overdose,” which the Democrats have surely done on spending and government power.  Or it’s “odd,” which describes Kaine and the whole idea that a logo is going to “rally the base” in any meaningful way.  Or as a friend of mine pointed out on Facebook, it’s “D’oh!” as in the thing that Homer Simpson says when he screws up, gets confused, or is otherwise out of sorts, like the other day when Nancy Pelosi insisted against all evidence that the Democrats will hold the House.  “D’oh!”