‘A Letter to My Future Muslim Daughter’ Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

The founder and editor of MuslimGirl.com has written a letter to her future Muslim daughter telling her that no matter who wins this presidential election in 2016 “Muslim children had lost this election before we even reached the polls.”

The letter is penned by Amani Al-Khatahtbeh and was published in Cosmopolitan in order to “explain this strange time in our country’s history” to a Muslim girl who will one day learn about the “racism” that was so rampant during this year’s election.

Al-Khatahtbeh begins by telling bits and pieces of her own exposure to racism when she was a child. How she was so scared that she lied about her religion in sixth grade. How she ran to her father “when someone insulted my ‘people’ in fourth grade.”

Maybe you’ll enjoy privileges I didn’t have and you’ll be shielded from all of that until later on — until the day that you might decide to start wearing a headscarf, and you complain to me about people suddenly asking you if you speak English.

What does Al-Khatahtbeh tell her future daughter about these deep strains of racism running through America, this bigotry that instills such fear? What does she say about this “strange time in our country’s history”?

Does she begin by telling her daughter how Muslims flew airplanes into the Twin Towers in New York City and other sites killing and injuring thousands in 2001?

Does she tell her daughter about how Muslims gunned down a 60-year-old man on a golf course in Tucson in 2002? Or how about the Muslim father who killed his wife and attacked his own daughters with a knife and hammer in the name of honor in Scottsville, NY, in 2004? Does she tell her about a Muslim man shooting four of his co-workers and a police officer because it was “Allah’s choice” in Denver in 2006?

Does she share how a devout Muslim father strangled his 25-year-old daughter in Jonesboro, GA, in 2008, or how another Muslim father shot his two daughters in Texas that same year because he didn’t like their “Western lifestyle"?

Does she tell the gruesome details of the founder of a Muslim TV station who beheaded his wife in Buffalo in 2009 for seeking a divorce? Or how about the man who shot his brother-in-law and another man after discovering that they’d gone to a strip club in Phoenix in 2009—all because they had offended his Islamic values?

Does she share with her daughter the brutality of another Muslim father in Arizona who ran down his daughter with his car for being “too Western"? Does she describe how the girl suffered in agony from her injuries until she died?

How about the death of a Christian man who was shot by a Muslim man for helping to convert his daughter in Houston in 2012? Does she tell her about that racism, that bigotry? Or how about when three Jewish men had their throats slashed open by Muslims in Waltham, MA, in 2011?