My Evening with Bill Ayers, Cindy Sheehan, and Some Creepy Communist Lady

Unfortunately, none of the discourse was worthy of lead-headline status on the Drudge Report. There were no calls for Israel’s elimination, or for the U.S. military to disband, or for George W. Bush to be executed for war crimes. Ayers never conceded that he and the president were more than just neighbors, or that he still has contact with the White House. But after listening to the illogical dribble -- hollow platitudes about social justice and amorphous references to “the movement” -- it became clear that these admissions were unnecessary. Sure, they would have validated my missing Krauthammer, but we know who these people are; we know the danger they represent. We don’t need another headline to tell the story.

During a particularly far-reaching rant, Ayers stopped himself mid-sentence, and offered some cover for his commentary: “I wasn’t born a radical,” he assured the crowd, “it just seems that way.” And so ended my hellish evening with Bill Ayers.