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Must-See Film on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

The movie chronicles how mosque supporters use political correctness to their advantage by claiming that anyone not in favor of the mosque is bigoted and biased against all Muslims. Those who speak out, such as Geller, are marginalized and demonized. Geller tells PJM:

[Mosque supporters] assassinate your character. They make you appear radioactive so people don’t want to associate with you. It’s a way of shutting people up. They attack the person. They never attack the argument. I am anti-jihad, not anti-Muslim.

Although she has received numerous death threats, she says:

I am more afraid of doing nothing and that is much more frightening to me. It is not an issue of freedom of religion or speech but an issue of human decency, human compassion. Just because you can do something does not mean you should do it.

Some argue that the mosque is not being built on Ground Zero; the building is two blocks away. The movie makes the point that they are wrong. Gordon Haberman, who lost a daughter at the World Trade Center (WTC), told PJM he was able to see, from many different angles, Ground Zero while in the Burlington Factory building.  All Americans should be asking the mosque supporters: If the mosque were built directly on Ground Zero would that be ok? What about across the street, or right next door? What about one block away?

Maureen Santora, who lost a son at the World Trade Center, tells PJM:

[Mosque supporters] fail to see what the right thing is. The boundaries of Ground Zero should include all buildings damaged, destroyed, as well as any building that had pieces of the WTC, the plane, and people’s body parts or ashes. Future Americans need to understand that people were murdered out of hatred for our way of life and Ground Zero, including its boundaries, needs to be viewed as sacred ground.

The movie’s most important point: Americans need to keep up the pressure and awareness regarding this insensitive project.

(People who are interested in attending a screening of the film can go here for a list of showings.)