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Murkowski to Mount Write-In Candidacy?

Lisa Murkowski -- it’s not a name that exactly rolls off the lips, is it? And it’s not a name that rings for a major cause or an identifiable issue or … anything. It’s a name that rings for Lisa Murkowski, and really nothing else. Well, I guess it rings for “establishment,” but that’s not something that lights anyone’s candle.

Except that now, after she has been rejected by the Republican primary voters in Alaska who wanted Joe Miller, a conservative who actually knows what the word means and embraces it, and after the Libertarian Party gave her the back of their principled hand, Lisa Murkowski is a name that may earn a bit of infamy. She may mount a spoiler write-in candidacy for Alaska’s Senate race. It’s as if, having been denied the seat to which she obviously feels entitled, Murkowski will do whatever she can to make sure that no one else can have the seat either. As Stacy McCain eloquently asks:

How long before Murky keys somebody’s car in the parking lot?

Well, I’d say a little over 50 days, more or less.

We had something similarly psychotic threaten to rip up the Republican Party here in Texas around primary time back in March, with a candidate who was so sure of her vision and genius that, having lost the gubernatorial primary, she promptly went to work threatening to sue the party over trivial nonsense (again), and is to this day still raising money for some future Quixotic run for glory. That candidate wasn't establishment by any means, but the petulance is the same. Some folks just plug their ears when the voters speak. One such folk currently occupies the White House.

I'm not talking about him "like a dog," by the way. Dogs actually listen, for one thing. But I digress.