Mumia Abu-Jamal, Damien Echols, and the Cult of the Murder Groupie

Almost immediately after the announcement that prosecutors would stop pursuing the death penalty for cop killer Wesley Cook (aka Mumia Abu-Jamal), the murderer's fans announced a rally to demand his release. The guest list for the event includes anti-Semitic, truther rap "artist" Immortal Technique and professional Marxist revolutionary Dr. Cornel West.

The rally will demand freedom for a "political prisoner" who isn't innocent. In fact, only the most dishonest supporters have ever claimed he didn't execute police officer Daniel Faulkner -- something even the killer himself has never claimed in court.

That's because Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther and longtime Marxist revolutionary, was caught red-handed.

On December 9th, 1981, Faulkner pulled over Abu-Jamal's brother William Cook for a routine traffic stop. William assaulted Faulkner. As the officer attempted to arrest Cook, Abu-Jamal charged the pair and a firefight ensued. Shots hit both Faulkner and Abu-Jamal.

Investigators found the .38 used to shoot Faulkner next to Abu-Jamal (who also wore a shoulder holster designed to fit the gun). Ballistic analysis determined the weapon responsible for Faulkner's death. Several eyewitnesses testified against Abu-Jamal, and two hospital workers who treated him testified that Jamal had confessed in the hospital with the words "I shot the motherf***er and I hope the motherf***er dies."

William never testified to his brother's innocence. And Abu-Jamal never testified in his own defense. Further, William has even told reporters he wants nothing to do with the Mumia circus. Very telling.

That the two people Mumia defenders would trust the most have refused to testify should take the wind out of the sails of any movement to free this man, regardless of feelings on the justice of the death penalty. That it does not proves the "Free Mumia" movement is not about justice or truth. It really isn't even about politics even though the "activists" all tend to be radical leftists. This is about fandom: armchair revolutionaries and "class warriors" lionizing a man who did what they all dream of doing. Mumia Abu-Jamal lived the college Marxist fantasy of "fighting the man" to the death and he is now a rock star for anti-American movements. Like all rock stars his most devoted followers are his groupies.