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MSNBC's Russert: Democrats Are Leaving Mary Landrieu 'On the Side of the Road'

The runoff between Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy and Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu is tomorrow. It's not going well at all for the Louisiana Democrat. Today the New York Times published a bracing piece about how Landrieu is the south's last Democrat. That's not entirely true. There are still some pockets of Democrats in the increasingly red south, anchored around Texas which just keeps getting redder despite decades of Democrats claiming that demographics will turn it blue.

Landrieu trails in the latest poll by 24 points. Louisiana Democrats have been caught on tape calling on voters to commit fraud to keep her in power, but even that might not be enough. Who'd risk jail for Landrieu now?

The national Democrats won't, they won't even risk any cash. They dropped out of the race a while back, which is among the reasons that MSNBC made this stark claim today. Luke Russert says Landrieu has been "left on the side of the road" by the national Democrats. "No real clear shot for her to win this, is there?" Russert asked elections "guru" Steve Kornacki.