MSNBC Writer's Response to Pajama Boy Perfectly Displays Humorless Ignorance of Leftist Media

Participation trophy genius.

Conservatives are in a tizzy over a seemingly innocuous Obamacare ad from Organizing for Action featuring a young man in pajamas.

MSNBC hack Adam Serwer seems to struggle with the meanings of various words, as evidenced throughout this tardy (two days is an eternity in digital media response time) defense of yet another Twitter misfire by the Organizing for Whatever bubble-dwellers. He begins by inaccurately labeling raucous laughter and endless mocking a "tizzy." Dutifully proceeding from a false premise in MSM fashion, Serwer then begins thought-barfing the kind of emo drivel that is only taken seriously in media circles filled with people who have almost no real-world frame of reference.

How could the sight of an earnest twenty something in pajamas drive so many dashing specimens of unassailable masculinity to complete panic? The paradox of our gender enforcers that they never sound more terrified than when addressing a person who doesn’t fit their standards. It’s an abject terror that masquerades as courage, relying on the reader not to know the difference.

Again, confusion on the part of Serwer. "Gender enforcers" no doubt gets some intellectual and gravitas cred in his limited, navel-gazing universe. In the real world, however, he's already in "2+2 is whatever you want it to be!" critical thinking territory. (Quick aside: Pajama Boy doesn't look "earnest" in the ad, he looks thoroughly bored and as if he's feigning interest.)

A couple more Einsteinian gems from Serwer and then we will get to the truth of the matter, I promise.

Conservatives are calling Pajama Boy a symbol of Obama supporters’ un-American dependence on government, but at this point he’s more of a vehicle for conservatives to express their anxiety about losing wars, political and cultural. For them, Pajama Boy is yet another emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate, a young population that believes in a stronger welfare state, gender equality and LGBT rights. After six years, Obama’s approval is eroding, but most Americans still want an interventionist government to alleviate inequality.

Anxiety! Oh my! Up until now, I had actually been relaxed from having cracked up for two days. It's always handy to have a leftist around to tell us how we're really feeling.

If Pajama Boy is truly emblematic of "an increasingly non-white electorate," the champions of diversity over at OFA surely have someone in-house who is more ethnically rich than Ethan Krupp.