MSM Targets Gingrich for ... His Ethical Behavior?

Neither does Media Matters, believed to be funded by George Soros. Radley Balko noted in March:

So I just noticed the Media MattersTransparencyproject today after clicking over from another site. It lists the major donors to all sorts of conservative and libertarian organizations, including my current and previous employers, Reason and Cato.

As I’ve noted before, both Reason and Cato already list their major donors in their annual reports. At Reason, we also publish the names of everyone who has given the Reason Foundation at least $1,000 each year in the magazine.

But here’s what you won’t find on the Media Matters “Transparency” website, or on the main Media Matters site: a list of the names of the major donors to Media Matters. They keep that secret. As do the variousProgressgroups, who also regularly criticize conservative and free market organizations as being secret front groups for major donors and corporations.

Again, these organizations are doing nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical by refusing to release the names of their donors -- nor was Gingrich doing anything illegal, immoral, or unethical by using the contacts he made while speaker of the House to earn a living.

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